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emil matulewicz

The artist at work


old church delft
Old Church Delft
size 50x70 cmk
acryl on canvas
Portraits and still lifes form the main part of the portfolio. Flowers and ballet are examples which are painted in a typical and recognisable way. The paintings are close to impressionism, no details like in realism, but rather streaks/spots built the subject. Very precisely personal and thus subjective impressions after careful observations are painted. Expressionist touches with respect to the use of colors are present, the selected colors are used to show inner feelings for the subject. The way of painting is often very strong. To keep this strength and power in the paintings acryl based paint is used. In general a central theme, subject or person is chosen, this selection is emphasized by the background which only serves to complete the painting. In the paintings this gives a surprising approach of the object.
Inspiration is found in paintings of Monet, Manet, Degas and Van Gogh.
The artist lives and works inDelft (Holland). Delft is the city of Vermeer and still, after several centuries, harbours many artists. Delft is also a college town which keeps the city lively and modern.

The artist's statement
A painting must be judged by what we see and feel. Sometimes this process takes place in a second, sometimes we need more time to experience and to enjoy it.
The paintings are figurative. It took a long time to develop an own style which is not intentionally following a trend but is rather formed and recognized by personality and life experience.
A painting is not only an expression of the artist but also a way to enable others to taste the atmosphere and energy of a painting.

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